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Jesse Mockrin

Painter Jesse Mockrin draws from art historical sources to create idiosyncratic scenes that are at once stripped down and rambling.

Kyle Staver

Whether the theme is love, war, or death, myths have provided artists a rich source of visual and conceptual material for millennia.

Summer Wheat

Using extruders, piping bags, and palette knives, Summer Wheat pushes acrylic paint through framed pieces of aluminum mesh, producing stippled images on the other side that appear to be tapestries.

Marlene Dumas

Marlene Dumas's painting Drop (2018) is a close-up portrayal of a woman. Her skin has a faint blue tinge, and concentric rings surround her head, suggesting an aura or halo.

Qiu Anxiong

Through his "naive" eyes, Qiu allows us to glimpse a more organic version of technology, and perhaps to begin to discover a path out of technology's totalizing reach.

Alberto Savinio

For Savinio, myth was not simply a set of discrete tales, but rather "an iridescent vapor" that could transform—like Ovid's poetry—even the most familiar entities.