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Alice Tippit

The seventeen bold-hued, hard-edge oil paintings in Alice Tippit's second solo show at Nicelle Beauchene ricocheted between significations, thwarting any stable meaning.

Yevgeniya Baras

Yevgeniya Baras’s “All Inside of Itself, Close” was the artist’s second solo exhibition in New York and her first with Nicelle Beauchene. Displaying tight compositions and keyed-up color, the fourteen…

Jim Lee

"Jim Lee and the Cream Tones," the artist's third solo show of abstract paintings at Nicelle Beauchene, demonstrated the almost musical way in which Lee riffs on colors, forms and materials from one w…

Valerie Hegarty

Valerie Hegarty is known for work that gently ribs art historical precedent. About five years ago, she was making irreverent hybrids of painting and sculpture: a framed landscape resembling Bierstad…