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Nicole Klagsbrun

John Pilson

New York-based photographer and video artist John Pilson (b. 1968) dismantles quotidian life through satirical observations and mesmerizing tableaux, often using the urban landscape and its systematiz

Storm Tharp

This was Storm Tharp's first one-man show in New York. Tharp, whose work was included in the 2010 Whitney Biennial, is based in Portland, Ore., and has been showing almost exclusively on his home tu…

Face Time With Ben Durham

Ben Durham grew up in Lexington, Kentucky and still lives in a sleepy town dotted with thoroughbred farms called Midway. The area's lone cultural attraction is the Bluegrass Railroad Museum. While he'…

John Giorno

LIFE IS A KILLER” isn’t a sign crafted by some backwoods visionary, nor is it graf­fiti scrawled by an urban malcontent on a subway platform. It’s both title and con­tent of a 12-by-12-inch 2009 pai…