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oil painting

Jennifer J. Lee

At first, the ten small oil paintings on jute in Jennifer J. Lee's exhibition "Day Trip" seemed entirely random in subject matter.

Vija Celmins

"To Fix the Image in Memory" demonstrates a sensitivity to the singular oeuvre of Vija Celmins, who was born in Latvia and has developed her practice over the past half-century, attesting to this…

Raul Guerrero

This exhibition surveyed two decades of Raul Guerrero's practice, spanning from the work he made as part of the conceptual scene in Los Angeles after graduating from the Chouinard Art Institute in…

Marlene Dumas

Marlene Dumas's painting Drop (2018) is a close-up portrayal of a woman. Her skin has a faint blue tinge, and concentric rings surround her head, suggesting an aura or halo.

Composite Realities

In some of von Wulffen's paintings, a crackled varnish applied to the surface splits like dried skin; the works want to look old. Some motifs may be traced back to sources like a late…