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Oil Paintings

Brett Goodroad

Neither faithfully representative of the landscapes and figures they portray nor so abstract as to render them illegible, Brett Goodroad's latest paintings document his process of thinking through…

Alice Tippit

The seventeen bold-hued, hard-edge oil paintings in Alice Tippit's second solo show at Nicelle Beauchene ricocheted between significations, thwarting any stable meaning.

Austin English and Sam Spano

The odd pairing of works by Brooklyn comic artist Austin English and Oakland painter Sam Spano and in Et al.'s exhibition "In the Cups" felt necessarily contingent, unexpectedly revealing, and a…

Judith Eisler

The nine oil paintings in Judith Eisler's first New York show in a decade (all 2017 or 2018) take their imagery full circle, in a sense: they portray shots from director Derek Jarman's film…

John Russell

British artist John Russell's recent exhibition at Bridget Donahue, "DOGGO," was stylistically inconsistent, conceptually capacious, and insouciant in tone.

G.T. Pellizzi

G.T. Pellizzi cofounded the Bruce High Quality Foundation, a collective known for historically astute, if prankish, art world antics.

Catherine Story

Pareidolia is the common phenomenon of seeing figures or faces within random patterns and objects: in wallpaper designs, say, or clouds, or geological formations—or in vintage movie cameras, which…