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Olaf Breuning

Olaf Breuning is Home Again

Like the Swiss-born Breuning, the buffoon is a scruffy, sandy-haired New Yorker around 40 years of age with a penchant for masks and face paint. He's obsessed with the culture around him. In the first

Seriously Funny

Swiss prankster Olaf Breuning navigates between the sublime and the ridiculous in films, sculptures, and multimedia works that take on everything from Easter Island to Woody Allen.

Olaf Breuning

High on a wall near the gallery entrance, Olaf Breuning wrote his name five times in large black letters in various styles and then finally scratched them all out. Failing to find an appropriately str…

Carry a Big Shtick

For artists inspired by sketch comedy, off-the-wall characters who can say and do anything are a way to explore weighty political and social issues.