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P.S. 1

Michael Joaquin Grey

Michael Joaquin Grey (b. 1961) has been known since the early '90s for making works that reference the principles governing the growth and transformation of things living and inanimate.

Kenneth Anger

Kenneth Anger has long been celebrated as an important avant-garde filmmaker and a seminal influence on everyone and everything from Martin Scorsese to MTV.

Jonathan Horowitz: And/Or

Upon entering the P.S. 1 exhibition "Jonathan Horowitz: And/Or," one is greeted by an official portrait of President George W. Bush. The framed headshot, with the naïve, toothy grin, salt and pepper h…

Gino De Dominicis

One of the most elusive late 20th-century artists, Rome-based Gino De Dominicis became a cult figure in Europe during his lifetime, and the legend has continued to grow since his death in 1998 at age…