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Judy Pfaff

Judy Pfaff's recent show featured five major wall reliefs (all 2018) that resemble discrete exhibitions unto themselves.

Joan Semmel

While first-wave feminist artists were experimenting with video, installation, and other new media, Joan Semmel—along with Sylvia Sleigh, Betty Tompkins, and a few others—stuck to…

Sense of Style

Though Eric N. Mack describes himself as a painter, his primary medium is fabric. One might say he works in the tradition of Robert Rauschenberg, who expanded painting's formal range to include…

Jesse Mockrin

Painter Jesse Mockrin draws from art historical sources to create idiosyncratic scenes that are at once stripped down and rambling.

Matt Wedel

Ohio-based sculptor Matt Wedel operates on the principle of both/and rather than either/or. Joining forms typically considered disparate—flowers and rocks, humans and animals—his work radiates an…

Michael Krebber

Michael Krebber is known for understated objects and an overstated reputation. My goal in visiting his latest exhibition was not only to scrutinize the paintings but also to experience a new arc in…