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Eleanor Aldrich

Most of the ten paintings in Eleanor Aldrich's exhibition, "Main Squeeze," portrayed the suppleness of human flesh through close-up depictions of people's backs pressed into woven or vinyl-cord lawn…

Valentina Liernur

For the past several years, Valentina Liernur's primary points of reference have been the global fashion industry and the local vernacular of her native Buenos Aires.

Maia Cruz Palileo

The titular work in Chicago native Maia Cruz Palileo's first hometown exhibition, "All the While I Thought You Had Received This," was one of several paintings in the show depicting a not-quite-empty…

Susan Jane Walp

The impact of Susan Jane Walp's still lifes defies their diminutive scale. In her paintings she portrays domestic objects, patterned fabrics, and luscious fruit in rigorously balanced compositions…

Jasper Johns

Tackling new experiments and pursuing his consistent themes in a range of mediums, Jasper Johns works with an alacrity that belies his eighty-eight years.

Trulee Hall

Themes of touch and penetration also pervaded Trulee Hall's paintings and video works. The female figure took center stage: real-life, claymation, and painted women undulated and overlapped one…

Raha Raissnia

The films, drawings, and paintings in Raha Raissnia's latest show at Miguel Abreu, "Galvanization," interrogate the camera's capacity to faithfully record subjects or to represent historical moments.

In the Studio: Pia Camil

Pia Camil has created a substantial body of textile sculptures made of denim or T-shirts. She frequently sews the latter together into massive sheets that can dominate architectural settings. But…

Caitlin Cherry

Continuing her exploration of the representation and visibility of black women, the paintings Caitlin Cherry showed at Luis De Jesus depict black female figures who appear to be trafficking in the…