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Est. 1902

Paula Cooper

Tauba Auerbach

One recent afternoon I stood dumbly looking down at a low blue table laden with 3-D-printed objects fastidiously arranged by Tauba Auerbach. Black, white and gold forms might have been machine parts…

Kelley Walker

Kelley Walker is no stranger to the perversities of advertising. One of his earlier subjects was the notorious 1995 Benetton ad that hawked its goods via a reproduction of an airline crash, another…

Matias Faldbakken

In a quote from the press release to this solo show, his first at Paula Cooper, Norwegian-born artist/writer Matias Faldbakken speaks of "try[ing] to suck the air out of the room" with his artworks…

Liz Glynn

Objects, Italo Calvino observed, have a mysterious power. Drop a detailed description of an object into a wayward, boring story, and the narrative comes to life.