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Peter Blum

John Zurier

For this engaging show, “West of the Future,” Zurier presented 14 works on linen, created with oil, distemper or both over the past two years.

Esther Klas

With “Nobody Home,” Esther Kläs’s impressive solo debut at Peter Blum, the German sculptor (b. 1981 in Mainz) became the youngest on the gallery’s roster. Her six works (all 2010 or 2011) recall man…


Blame capitalism. Blame Bush. Blame Goldman Sachs. You needn’t have watched Michael Moore’s documentaries to know that much reportage on crises resorts to finger-pointing, and although that impulse…

Su-Mei Tse

Luxembourg-born artist Su-Mei Tse, a quiet but potent conceptualist, captured the art world’s attention when her pavilion won the Golden Lion at the 2003 Venice Biennale (she represented her native co…

The New Abstraction

True, it never really went away. But abstraction is in the midst of a revival, flaunting its brilliant past as it reconfigures itself for the future.