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Peter Kilchmann

Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith's latest body of work centers on María Elena—a town of around six thousand inhabitants in the middle of Chile's Atacama Desert that was founded in 1926 by the Guggenheim brothers to…

Vlassis Caniaris

Vlassis Caniaris was born in Athens in 1928 and died there in 2011. He lived through dramatic moments in Greek history, including, most notably, the 1967–74 military junta. He studied in his home city…

Adrian Paci

Albanian artist Adrian Paci (b. 1967) immigrated to Italy in 1997, and his works are frequently inspired by histories of displacement, his own and that of others. His videos in particular generate str

Valerie Favre

Valérie Favre's first solo exhibition at Peter Kilchmann presented an opportunity to view the artist's recently completed "Selbstmord" (Suicide) series.

Javier Tellez

Two 35mm films were projected side by side in a darkened room. On the left appeared a statue of a bronze Prometheus with a torch in his raised hand, a gift of fire to emancipate man; on the right, a c…