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John O’Connor

John O'Connor's hallucinatory drawings look like mandalas for the digital age. They churn and roil with vivid colors and crisp lines that web together and keep one's eye darting around.

Country Time: Larry Krone

Larry Krone's devotion to the art and craft of Americana, from etched shot glasses and intricate beadwork to Dolly Parton song lyrics spelled out in hair, has remained constant for over 20 years…

David Scher

David Scherâ??s impulse to draw seems to be as essential to him as breathing. The New York-based artistâ??s latest solo exhibition at Pierogi, titled â??regular is best,â? comprised several dozen…

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker’s paintings hew to the information-overload esthetic favored by this Williamsburg gallery. Layering linear structures, mutant polyhedrons and pseudo-diagrams in thinned acrylic on small…