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Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

For their recent show at Postmasters, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy presented eight miniature landscapes, each displayed on a small wall-hung shelf and made of materials such as tar, sand, dirt and plast…

Chris Verene

Since he was 10, Chris Verene, now 40, has taken pictures of his relatives. “Family,” his first show at Postmasters, included over 40 photographs spanning 1987 to 2010. They evoke the works of Nan G…

Wolfgang Staehle

The video work of German-born New Yorker Wolfgang Staehle is marked by philosophical sweep, existential sharpness, startling slowness, and elegiac beauty. "A Matter of Time," his latest show at Postma…

All the Web’s a Stage

Performance art, gallery openings, Dumpster-diving for junk to turn into art—all of it is happening in an online world populated by computer-generated beings called avatars.