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Rachel Harrison

Deep in the Art of Texas

Everything sprawls in Dallas, and the Nasher Sculpture Center's 10th-anniversary exhibition, "Nasher XChange," is even livelier and more capacious than a rodeo. The show is scattered over the length…

Rachel Harrison

 "For a very long time everybody refuses and then almost without a pause almost everybody accepts," Gertrude Stein wrote in "Composition as Explanation" (1926)-an essay excerpted in the catalogue fo…

When Bad Is Good

Artworks that mimic soft porn, showcase embalmed animals, mock the Pope, and otherwise offend propriety are filling auctions, museums, and galleries. Is there anything left to be upset about?

The ADAA Art Show Top 10

The Art Show, the annual event on view this weekend, Mar. 7–11, at the Park Avenue Armory at 67 Street in New York, put on by the Art Dealers Association of America, is nothing more and nothing less t…