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Robert Rosenblum

Werner Muensterberger, 1913-2011

Werner Muensterberger, psychoanalyst, art historian, author and collector of African art, died Mar. 6 at his home in New York. He was just shy of 98. His 1994 book Collecting, an Unruly Passion

Gold Rush

Until a few decades ago, Gustav Klimt was relatively ignored by the art establishment. Now his paintings are among the most expensive ever sold. How did the Viennese painter's prices rise so high so…

Wyeth’s World

The first retrospective in 30 years devoted to Andrew Wyeth is a sign of increasing interest in the artist on the part of critics and curators. And it may help answer a perennial question: how good a…

The Great Late Salvador Dalí

Dali's production after his Surrealist phase, once dismissed by scholars as banal kitsch, is now being celebrated for being so ahead of its time it looks as though it could have been made yesterday.