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Roni Feinstein

Arne Svenson

Over the past 20 years, New York-based photographer Arne Svenson has produced numerous series, among them images of convicted criminals printed from turn-of-the-century glass plate negatives ("Priso…

The Scull Collection

When one reflects on art collectors Robert and Ethel Scull, what often springs to mind is Robert Rauschenberg giving Robert Scull an angry shove after the 1973 auction of 50 of the couple’s works at

Robert Thiele

Robert Thiele’s is an art of secrets. For more than three decades, the artist, who divides his time between Miami and Brooklyn, has created paintings and sculptures geared to a poetry of concealment…

Maria Martinez-Canas

In the photograph titled Doll, a figure in old-fashioned dress appears to float gracefully in a dark, shadowy space. But as soon as the viewer becomes aware of the structure of María Martínez-Cañas’s…