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Sarah Stephenson

Paul P’s New Body

Paul P.'s portraits-romantic and sensual but not explicity sexual paintings, primarily featuring young men-are elusive, sensitive incidents amidst a saturated genre. They are also thoroughly researche…

Greater Idols

Cookies, a Botticelli monograph and gold jumpsuits are just some of the disparate objects currently located in PS1's rotating gallery space. Curated by ICI (Independent Curators International) directo

Space is Key

The first person to receive the key to New York City (Viscount Cornbury in 1702) has gone down in the history books as being a corrupt degenerate who took bribes and misappropriated government funds…

It’s In the Jeans

Whether filled with concrete or crotchless, the depiction of fabric in David Rimanelli's exhibition, "Denim," at New York University's 80WSE Gallery extends well beyond the bounds of the material. Usi…