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Wendy Red Star

The title of Wendy Red Star's midcareer survey, "A Scratch on the Earth," comes from the Apsáalooke (Crow) word annúkaxua, which refers to the "scratches" the United States government made on the…

Brancusi and America

The story of Constantin Brancusi (1876–1957) and America is long and rich, though to date told only in parts. The artist's innovations are so numerous—and so apparently contradictory—that doubts can…

Anna Sew Hoy

Since the late 1990s, Anna Sew Hoy has developed a sculptural, largely ceramic language centered on forms suggesting amoebas, heads, planets, caves, and hives. Familiar yet alien, Sew Hoy's…

Harmony Hammond

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum's focused, handsomely installed retrospective of Harmony Hammond's work offers something of a corrective to perceptions of her career, which have often been…

Charles Long

Charles Long transformed Tanya Bonakdar's white cube into a surreal, dreamlike space: an incongruous fusion of a cathedral and a haunted forest.

Kelly Akashi

Kelly Akashi's hand was everywhere in this ensnaring show, and not just implicitly, in that the Los Angeles–based artist made its sculptural contents, but explicitly, too.

Inside Outsider

A forty-year, roughly two-hundred-piece Franz West survey, launched last fall at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and now at Tate Modern in London, brings home to viewers the extraordinary formal range…