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Est. 1902

Swiss Institute

Heidi Bucher

h this show, Swiss artist Heidi Bucher (1926-1993) finally returns to the United States, her works on exhibit outside of Europe for the first time in 40 years.

Under Destruction

Playing on the pervasiveness of images of destruction and devastation in the news and in Hollywood movies, artists are making works that range from violent to chillingly disquieting

Roman Signer

In one of the galleries that house Roman Signer’s current exhibition “Four Rooms, One Artist,” at the Swiss Institute in New York’s SoHo, a single apple hangs by a string from the ceiling. The space…

Fact Sheet Adolf Dietrich

Adolf Dietrich (1877–1957), one of the most reknowned Swiss artists of the 20th Century, focused his work on his own surroundings, rendering rural landscapes, portraits, animals, and still lives, with…