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Tanya Bonakdar

Charles Long

Charles Long transformed Tanya Bonakdar's white cube into a surreal, dreamlike space: an incongruous fusion of a cathedral and a haunted forest.

Susan Philipsz

It's hard to imagine a more disconsolate musical pairing than the two works that Susan Philipsz took as the source materials for the pieces in this exhibition.

Slavs and Tatars

Founded in 2006, Slavs and Tatars is an international collective whose eclectic work focuses on the vast, multiethnic portion of Eurasia that lies, according to the artists, “east of the former Berlin…

Sarah Sze

“Art is the path of the creator to his work,” New Englander Ralph Waldo Emerson declared in “The Poet,” his 1844 essay on writing and artistry. This focus not on finished artworks but on process and d…