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Vera Frenkel

Born in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 1938, Vera Frenkel is a seminal Canadian artist known for her use of fictitious personas in multidisciplinary projects that indicate gaps in the historical record…

Jason de Haan

Jason de Haan's first solo exhibition, in his hometown of Calgary in 2007, was titled "Where the Ocean Meets This Guy"—a phrase that conjured the enormity of the natural world and humans' insignifican…

Rebecca Belmore

A black-haired, denim-clad woman stands with her back to the viewer and arms out to her sides in Rebecca Belmore's sister (2010), a single photograph split between three backlit transparencies that…

Chris Curreri

At the center of Toronto-based artist Chris Curreri's second solo exhibition at Daniel Faria Gallery was a cement bust whose face was deliberately sliced off during the fabrication process.

Fraser Stables

Entering "Bestiary," Fraser Stables's third exhibition at Georgia Scherman Projects, viewers found themselves immersed in a darkened room filled with minimalist constructions. 

Duane Linklater

"Learning," Duane Linklater's first exhibition at Susan Hobbs Gallery, takes its title from a print by the celebrated Ojibwa artist Benjamin Chee Chee.