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Yossi Milo

Alison Rossiter

Mostly from 2014 or ’15, Alison Rossiter’s 50-plus works at Yossi Milo pay homage to the rich idiosyncrasies of photographic papers across history, and restore a sanctity to the photograph as object.&nbsp…

Marco Breuer

Eschewing digital technologies as well as conventional photographic genres, Marco Breuer manipulates near-obsolete chemical developing and printing processes to create striking abstract compositions.&nbsp…

Mike Brodie

A photographer is compelled to relish the surface. An artist is obliged to transcend it. The recent exhibition "A Period of Juvenile Prosperity" by Mike Brodie, a 28-year-old self-taught American ar…

Doug Rickard

Anyone who has used the Street View function of Google Maps is, in a sense, already familiar with the work of Doug Rickard.