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Kyle Staver

Whether the theme is love, war, or death, myths have provided artists a rich source of visual and conceptual material for millennia.

Regina Bogat

For the second time in under a year, Zürcher mounted an exhibition by the 86-year-old artist Regina Bogat, who was a familiar enough figure in the New York art world from 1966 to '77, the years covere…

John Hodany

Seeming to juggle the latest studies on global climate change and his own idiosyncratic theories, John Hodany paints intriguing landscapes and interiors that verge on sci-fi surrealism. In his latest…

Brian Belott

Brian Belott is a master collagist whose sensitivity to his materials transcends the kitschier qualities of his work, which has a blissfully homespun esthetic all its own. For “The Joy of File,” Bel…