Back in the Stacks, 115 Years

In Brief:

“Art history is less explosive than the rest of history,” the late artist Robert Smithson once said, “so it sinks faster in the pulverized regions of time.” Art news, correspondingly, is less explosive than the rest of the news, and we live in explosive times. Here at ARTnews we have, since 1902, taken it as our mandate to sift out and document the most crucial art news before it sinks into those “pulverized regions” (a phrase eerily prescient of the internet, the great pulverizer). For the magazine’s 115th anniversary, we delved deep into our archives. Below are some of the treasures we found.

ABOVE A cover by Ed Ruscha commissioned by ARTnews in 1972. “Constructing this thing was a pleasant mess,” he told ARTnews in 2014. “It was on a piece of glass and I photographed it myself with a four-by-five camera. It would have been done totally differently today.”



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